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Small Cream Tea Coffee & Sugar Containers with Black Labels

Searching for a set of small cream tea coffee and sugar containers to match the scheme in your kitchen? These cylindrical jars look off white in colour and at 24.68 fluid ozs (720 mls) they are more on the smaller side. The measurements are 4.3 inches wide by 5.8 inches in height.

I like the script font that has been used in the printing of the labels and the wood effect from the bamboo lids which have a silicone seal to create an airtight fit. This means they are more likely to keep the coffee and other foodstuffs fresher.

Due to the smaller size, I think these jars would be suitable in a smaller kitchen or coffee area where they'd take up less space or for use in a students room. They could also be used in a minimalist kitchen setup where just a small amount of beverages are on show on the worktops.

This collection of beverage jars has a simple functional but appealing look.

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