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Set of White Gold Marble Effect Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

This set of white with gold marble effect tea coffee and sugar canisters is designed for those who are looking for beverage storage solutions that already incorporate the labels.

The lids that are made from bamboo tie in with the metallic color of the design. The sealing ring that has been incorporated on them allows for a good airtight seal when they are closed. This means food freshness is better preserved than if there was no sealing ring.

They are made from a ceramic material which means they are ideal for storing beverages ingredients as well as a variety of other foodstuffs.

As the capacity is at just under 40 fl oz (1117ml) they are not large but should be perfect for storing those beverage items that we love to have handy next to the kettle.

The feature that I appreciate on these jars (besides the curved design) is the labelling and medium-size capacity.

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