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Set of Gray Marble Tea Coffee Sugar Containers with Bigger Capacity

If you're looking for a set of gray marble tea coffee and sugar containers that have a bigger capacity then this collection might be suitable. Each jar can take up to just over 5 cups which is 42 US fluid ounces or 1250 ml

The jars have a light gray appearance to them so would match a number of color schemes. The lids are made up from bamboo wood - so another neutral color to consider and also do have the sealing ring for a tight fit.

As you'd expect from bigger volume jars they have a nice wide opening which makes it easier to get foodstuffs out of them.

Considering the colors used in the makeup of these canisters I would expect them to be useful for those who are looking for storage solutions for a neutral kitchen color scheme. At the same time if you have a specific color shade going on in the kitchen, then these could also blend in with most shades without clashing.

One of their best features I think is that they are larger than most others and all 3 in the set are of an equal size.

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