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Set Bling Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Silver

This set of bling tea, coffee and sugar canisters will add brightness and sparkle to your kitchen worktop.

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Made from glass and filled with crystals that resemble sparkling diamonds, these containers have lids with a crystal knob that makes them easier to use. They have wide openings which also makes it easier to remove and refill them without a great deal of fuss or mess.

They are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher - wash them by hand only.


Dimensions are - 3.95 inches by 5.5 inches
Capacity is 0.87 pint which is 17 fl oz or 500 ml
These storage jars do come with the beverage labels done in black.

Want to get creative with sparkles? If you like the showy, swanky and somewhat loud style of bling decorations then these containers would fit in a kitchen that perhaps has a neutral or definite color theme but needs something light and bright to give it a lift.

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