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Royal Blue Glass Kitchen Canisters with Vertical Ridges

Need some colour in your kitchen? I came across these royal blue glass kitchen canisters that have decorative vertical ridges.

This collection comes as a set of 3 jars. They are not of equal sizes - small, mid range and a bigger container.

I like the fact that all 3 have the same square base to them but differ in the height of the jars.

The lids are also made from the same material as the base but have a gasket seal that helps to make them airtight.

Who could use them?

Anyone with a kitchen that needs a extra boost of colour would find these jars do just that. The shade of the glass in these containers is such that you will find many other accessories that will match this set giving you a chance to mix and match with other decorative items in the kitchen - for example such as blue and white plates on the wall, salt and pepper shakers or a pale blue fruit bowl.

If you're aiming to add interest and colour then these storage containers will definitely do the job.

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