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Rose Ash Pink Tea Coffee Sugar Jar

If you're searching for a pale shade of pink for your beverage storage jars, this set of rose ash pink tea coffee and sugar jars is available as a set of 4. You could use the largest one to store biscuits.

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These jars are made from a ceramic material and have bamboo wooden lids that have a rubber seal to ensure a tighter seal and keep air out. This means the contents will be kept fresher for longer.

The design is simple and clean, meaning that the jars will blend in with many kitchen decorating schemes.

All the jars have different dimensions -
1. smallest jar 3.8 inches wide by 3.7 inches high
2. second jar 3.8 inches wide by 5.6 inches high
3. third jar 4.6 inches by 5.7 inches high
4. largest jar 5.3 inches by 6.6 inches high

These kitchen containers would work well in a kitchen where the owner was looking to add a delicate touch of pink using a simple neutral design that is not too fussy in detail.

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