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Red Tea Coffee Sugar Jars Steel & Glass with Window

Need a quick refresh that will brighten up your kitchen? Available in red this set of colored tea coffee and sugar jars is made from a durable stainless steel/glass combination and have the very useful feature of a visual window.

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Size ?

The containers are different sizes in height but all have the same cylinder diameter of 3.9 inches by -
* 12 inches capacity 64 fl oz
* 8.75 inches capacity 46 fl oz
* 7 inches capacity 36 fl oz
* 5 inches capacity 24 fl oz

Make up?

The containers are made from glass with a stainless sleeve over that. The lids are screwed on which ensures that they are airtight. The visual window is a useful feature as you can very quickly see what is in them (so no label needed) and how much remains - convenient when doing a shopping list.

This product would be an asset for those looking to add a bit of brightness to a kitchen with this colour scheme. They would look outstanding against white, cream, black or dark grey tiles.

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