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Off-White Farm House Style Ceramic Tea Coffee Sugar Storage Set

This off-white farm style ceramic tea coffee and sugar storage set is attractive in that it's simple and uncluttered in its design.

The neutral colour of the 3 jars would blend in with a number of kitchen colour schemes but they do have an old fashioned look about them.

The jars are of differing heights of 19cm, 17cm and 14cm. I like this feature of them as it means you save a bit of space on the shelf or in the area where they are stored. These days not many of use the sweet stuff in our beverages anyway so it stands to reason that you'd need a smaller storage container.

The printing is large, simple and clear. Anyone looking to create a beverage corner in their kitchen would just love these containers.

What I love best about these jars is their light colour and simplicity. There is nothing not to like about them. As they say, less is more!