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Mint Green Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Wide Mouth

This set of 3 mint green tea coffee sugar canisters with wide mouth openings are made from zinc metal alloy that has been enamelled with the colour.

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These containers have a large opening which helps to reduce the chances of spillage when removing some of the contents.

The bamboo wood lids give them a natural neutral look which ties in with the green shade on the bases. Knobs on the lids help to make them easier to open and close. The lids also have a silicone gasket which helps to improve the seal when they are closed. That airtight seal helps to keep out air and moisture which in turn means the contents will stay fresher for a longer period of time.

I like that the containers have slightly muted fainter labels on them in white.

Each container is 9.5 cm in diameter and stands at 15.7 cm tall.

These beverage storage jars would suit those wanting to incorporate a paler green colour into their kitchen and are looking for a mix of materials - in this case metal and wood.

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