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Kitchen Utensil Holder in Stoneware Ceramic

Are your kitchen drawers fill to overflowing with too many utensils so that it's difficult to find the one you want? Consider using a kitchen utensil holder in stoneware ceramic to store the most frequently used items that will be readily available on your worktop.

This one is in a pale grey colour but other shades are available such as white and cream so you can match it to your colour scheme.

Another benefit of this range is that there are other kitchen accessories to match with them - such as tea, coffee and sugar canisters as well as bread bins and other large kitchen storage jars too.

This storage pot is stylish but still understated so as not to dominate.

Size wise it is 13.3 cm in diameter and stands 16.2 cm tall and so has a good capacity to store plenty of serving spoons, spatulas, ladles and what ever utensil you need close to hand.