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Grey & White Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Marbled Effect

These grey and white tea coffee and sugar canisters have a lovely marble effect decorating them with some darker flecks of black. The lids and body of the jars are made from food-grade ceramics. Gasket seals have been included on the lids to make sure the fit is quite tight.

The 3 jars are different sizes as follows -
* large one is 72 fl oz or just over 2 litres
* medium one is 38 fl oz or just over 1 litre
* small one is 24 fl oz or 700 mls

These are useful sizes when it comes to storing your beverage foodstuffs.

These containers will add interest to your beverage preparation area due to the marble effect they have. If you have a mostly neutral monochrome grey white and black scheme going on in your kitchen these jars should fit in well with that.