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Grey Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Vintage Style

If you want a vintage style then these grey tea, coffee and sugar canisters could be suitable. They have labels that are done in white printing and in an old style of font that adds to their classic appeal.

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The jars are made from an enamelled galvanised metal that is food safe. The lids also have that old fashioned look with a big handle which makes them easy to open and close.

This collection comes as a set of 4, the extra one being for flour which is useful as it is the largest one. If you do a fair amount of baking and need that extra storage jar as well as the ones for beverage food items then this set should match your needs.

Size and Capacity

So as not to be disappointed, it's a good idea to know exactly what the sizes of the storage containers are that you buy. Here are their dimensions.
* Large Flour jar - 14.5 cups 5.5 inches diameter by 11.25 inches
* Medium Sugar jar - 10.25 cups 4.75 inches diameter by 10.25 inches
* Smaller Coffee jar - 7.75 cups 4.5 inches diameter by 9.25 inches
* Smallest Tea jar - 4 cups 3.5 inches diameter by 7.75 inches

These cool grey coloured canisters with white printed labels will attract attention in a neutral kitchen with a country-style theme.

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