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Green Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters Leaf Design

These green tea coffee sugar canisters with a leaf design caught my eye as I was scrolling through product offers. They'd make a bold, tropical and appealing beverage station display on the kitchen work top. The container shown in the image is for Tea - labelled with a gold pinted T. There are similar jars which are for coffee and sugar so you can buy all 3 to make a set.

As they are stoneware they'll be strong and durable. The lids are black and made from wood. Customer reviewers mention that the seal is quite airtight which is a good feature when you're storing beverage items as you don't want air or moisture getting in them.

Customers who bought these jars comment that they of a size that is not too large or too small for the kitchen worktop surface. They are 11.3 cm in diameter width and stand 13 cm tall.

This design would suit those who are keen on nature or plants, especially the tropical varieties or those who are looking to use the colour green in their kitchen decor. The green, black and white colour combination would blend in with many decor schemes too.

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