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Glass Food Storage Jars Set 5 with Bamboo Lids

Do you need some glass food storage jars? This set of 5 comes with bamboo lids in a light natural wood color so they will blend in with many different kitchen decor schemes.

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The 5 jars in the collection are round cylinders. There are 2 600ml smaller jars, 2 medium-sized ones at 1400ml and one larger taller spaghetti pasta jar which has a capacity of 2100ml. The lids are wooden and have that neutral light color which is useful as it can blend in with any kitchen decor.

The good thing about this set is that it gives you a variety of containers to get started with in organizing your pantry or food cupboard. Put these ones to work then decide on how many and what other sizes you'll need.

Glass is a good material for kitchen canisters as it means you can very easily see where everything is - no more searching through a muddle of shop packages on your shelves.

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