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Flip-Top Plastic Tea Coffee Sugar Containers

Love the classic look of these flip-top plastic tea coffee and sugar containers! If you love a clean-looking kitchen then this set would fit right in.

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The clear material that they are made from means that you can easily see how much of your beverages you have left - so no more shock surprises.

The locking mechanism with the flip-top lids means that the contents should stay fresher for longer. At a glance and without close examination you'd think they were made from glass. If an accident were to happen and they were knocked off the kitchen worktops chances are they would not break as glass does. So if you have young children around choosing canisters like these would make a lot of sense.

As the post title suggests, they make an ideal storage solution for beverages but could be used as storage jars for so many other items. Several of these jars filled with different pasta types such as penne, capellini and fusilli would look particularly attractive as well as serve a purpose.

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