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Country Style Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters in Cream Ceramic

If you are after a bit of colour in your storage jars, then these country-style tea coffee and sugar canisters in cream ceramic might be the solution as they come with coloured lids. The one featured here is a mint-aqua shade but they are available in red and a blueberry blue as well.

The jars come with the labels already included in the design. The printing is reminiscent of a bygone era which adds to their appeal. What I like about the lids is that they have a raised handle which makes them easier to lift.

While not large in size, holding a volume of 2 cups each, I think the amount they hold is ideal for storage of beverage foodstuffs on a countertop. Jars that are bigger would take up too much space. If you need more storage for sugar may be a larger additional container could be used. Keep that bigger one in the cupboard, and use it to refill the one on the countertop. This way space on your working kitchen space is maximised.