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Colourful Canisters for Tea Coffee Sugar with Spanish Style

These Spanish style colourful canisters for tea coffee and sugar have a rustic appeal but with bright leaf designs in the primary colours.

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They come as a set of 3. It's not too obvious from the picture, but they are of different sizes. Owners of the jars have reported that the largest one has dimensions of 10 inches by 7 inches width. The middle sized one is 9 inches in height and the smallest is 7 inches tall.

It might be too risky to clean them in the dishwasher but they should be very easily washed by hand. They have been manufactured from ceramic material so care will be needed against chipping.

Those who own these canisters seem to love them because of the pop of brightness that they add to their kitchens. So if that is what you are looking for then these containers might be just what you need.

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