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Coloured Ceramic Tea Coffee Sugar Jars with Italian Scene

This set of coloured ceramic tea coffee and sugar jars comes with an Italian style image decoration. It's a view of a vineyard with a wine bottle and glass in the foreground. The overall colors are beige and green. Owners of this set say the images are even more attractive than they appear in the product pictures. The design appears on two sides of the canisters.

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The lids have knobs that have also been themed around the vineyard theme as they are styled as bunches of grapes.

A hand wash is recommended when you need to clean these containers.

The set of 3 have differing size capacities as follows - 60, 76 and 108 fl oz and they do have seals to ensure a good fit between the lids and bases.

If you're planning on an Italian themed kitchen with beiges and greens then this set will fit in with that scheme.