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blue glass kitchen canister vintage set of 4

Are you wanting to style a blue kitchen? This set of 4 blue glass kitchen canisters in a vintage style will add some old-world charm along with a bright injection of colour.

The collection has a variety of different sized and shaped jars. One ( 9.5in tall ) has a barrel shape to it with a few horizontal ridges at the top and bottom of the jar. The other three have a similar cylindrical shape to them - but the sides are not completely round having several flat vertical sections to make up the cylinder.

These 3 jars come as a tall (10 in), medium (8 in) and smaller (6 in) containers. The mouth opening is 3.5 inches for all four containers.

A tight seal is ensured with the flip top lids they have along with rubber seals.

I like the fact that there is variety in shape and size in this set which gives it more interest.

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