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Black Tea Coffee Sugar Set for Freshness

If you're looking for a black tea coffee and sugar set that maintains the freshness of your beverages then take a look at these containers. Three of them would make a good impression on any countertop next to a sleek shiny black kettle.

The way they preserve the freshness of your beverage foodstuffs is via the CO2 valve system which gets rid of carbon dioxide. These storage containers also help to keep air out which is responsible for the oxidation of food that causes it to deteriorate. They also have a BPA-free silicone ring which provides a good seal when you clamp the lid down with the metal clip.

The containers are manufactured from stainless steel which is one of the best materials for storing coffee beans.

I like that this model comes with a spoon and a system that helps you to be able to track the expiry date of the foodstuff within it.