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Black Gold Marble Ceramic Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

This set of black gold marble tea coffee sugar canisters stunning appearance helps them to lift any kitchen they are in.

Although they are not labelled specifically for beverages, the ceramic they are made from means they could easily be used for that purpose as well as storing many other foodstuffs too. Arranged next to a black kettle they would look perfect!

The lids which are made from bamboo wood come with a silicone gasket which gives an airtight seal. This feature makes them especially useful for storing beverage foodstuffs.

The three containers are cylindrical in shape and are of varying sizes - short one is 12.8cm, medium one is 16.8cm and the tallest one is 20.5cm. They are all the same diameter - 9.8cm

This group of containers would fit in a modern kitchen or minimalist type of kitchen where you want a bit of colour to pop out -the gold marble effect would achieve that aim.

I love the combination of the marbled effect and the natural wood in the lids. Click through to see more details