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Black Glass Kitchen Canisters Bamboo Lids + Labels

While looking for black glass kitchen canisters I found this set that have bamboo lids and customizable labels.

After searching online for a while I came to the conclusion that this colour in this material is not that easy to find. There is a wide range in other materials such as ceramic, metallic enamels and plastic but for glass there are fewer products.

Black kitchens are popular and this colour gives an air of sophistication as well as making a statement.

This product is very much customizable according to your needs. You can purchase a single storage jar or two or a set of three. The labels come in 3 designs so there is choice there too.

What Size are they?
The dimensions for these containers are 16cm tall by 9cm in diameter. The capacity is 1 litre.

These are made from bamboo wood.

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