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Aqua Coloured Tea Coffee Sugar Containers with Clip Top Lids

If you're looking to style up your kitchen this aqua colored tea coffee and sugar canister set with clip top lids could be what you're looking for. If your kitchen has another scheme then there are other versions available - red, beige, black, brown, gray, mint green and in white.

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The clip top lids mean that the contents of your jars stay in good order and should therefore last longer. They also come with a neat little built-in attachment on the side to store the spoon. It's very handy to have a spoon that is dedicated to each jar as it can be frustrating when you need a hot drink and you can't find the spoon you need from the drawer in a hurry. Alternatively, it's also a pain when the spoon has become buried in the coffee by someone who was there before you.

Size-wise these jars are not large which I think makes them suitable for storing your favourite hot drink beverages on the kitchen worktop. Before buying study the sizes carefully so you don't get a surprise when they arrive. They range in capacity from 25, 33, 40, and 45 fl oz. The set contains 4 jars so I might be tempted to use the extra one for biscuits or some healthy protein bars.

Overall there is nothing not to like about this product and it would fit in well in a kitchen scheme with grays, blues, cream and white or in one that has a bold color-blocking style to it.